Rona Sokleang Cambodia Co., Ltd

Rona Sokleang Cambodia Co., Ltd​​ established on Oct 2019, that expert on hair care & beauty product and exclusive of Orkide Brand Rona Sokleang that has of shampoo set and traditional fashion, in current. Also the company will bring such of products as make up beauty products, skin care lotions, electronics home use, and furniture that are under Orkide brand.


Rona Sokleang Cambodia Co., Ltd is an exclusive provider of Orkide hair care & beauty products, licensed by the Ministry and legal compliance as well. Therefore, all customers and distributors/dealers of the company do not worry about laws and compliance status. Please all our customers and distributors/dealers, enjoy and trust the Orkide brand and especially continue to do business with the company and the family of Orkide, transparently and growing in the present and future.


Our vision is to “Create a Beautiful World within Orkide Rona Sokleang Branding”

  • To be leading Global Company that specialized of hair care, beauty, personal care product imported to Cambodia and branding EOM set up for customers within of very best quality product and investment cost and consultant served.
  • To be a famous of retail and wholesale of make-up beauty products, skin care lotions, electronics home use, and furniture that are under Orkide brand.

Mission & Values

  • Our purpose is to cooperate and provide to people with quality product made & imported. To uplift their lives by providing beauty brands the creation of quality and authentic cosmetics products.
  • Your dream is our possibility, become members and customer with us today and let us help bring your products alive.

Our Branding

CEO Message

March 13, 2020, the official launch date of the Rona Sokleang Cambodia Co., Ltd. Today’s achievement is not an easy or random lucky tasks; It is operated almost 4 years that we tried, we researched, we tested, we find connection to develop a quality, unique products that natural ingredients, effectively, and the very best effective way to solve all customers of hair problems.

I am here, I set up this company for our benefits altogether, and I sell products is follow to my opinion as below:

  1. In order to bring transparency and legitimacy to the business, we must register the company while our business is not focusing 100% for profit, but for everyone.
  2. Think of the distributors/dealers representatives of the companies that we bring to the market that are truly legitimate and quality because of the genuine sales, integrity, creative, unique of our products, the customer will support and continue to support forever.
  3. Bring and make distributors/dealers to become successfully of business operating (retail/wholesale) all together within of fun, enjoy, and believe of the quality product. We always sale of product quality is our priority tasks.

Why do consumers buy ORKIDE clothing?

  1. The quality of the ORKIDE dress is very good because ORKIDE has chosen a really good quality cotton fabric that does not break loose, easy to wear, flexible and durable, especially made from carefully crafted, seamless quality. The seams and seams that overlap are really good.
  2. ORKIDE’s style is clean and attractive, luxurious and classy And show us smart, smart, modern people. The fashion of ORKIDE will make you stand out with confidence.
  3. ORKIDE is a clothing brand created by RONASOKLEANG CAMBODIA CO., LTD, a local company that takes the consumer’s quality and luxury seriously, so purchasing and using the ORKIDE brand is involved. Support and promote the achievements of Khmer children.

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