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  • As a Company specialized handicraft of Vitamin Natural, professional hair care and personal beauty products company our services include bespoke products, private branding, personalization, OEM and ODM. Rona Sokleang Cambodia Co., Ltd creates hair care and personal beauty products in a highly professional way engaging businesses for local retailers, small brands and enterprises.  Most importantly we guide, we support, we training you through the cosmetic expert sellers.
  • In order to bring transparency and legitimacy to the business, we must register the company while our business is not focusing 100% for profit, but for everyone.
  • Think of the distributors/dealers representatives of the companies that we bring to the market that are truly legitimate and quality because of the genuine sales, integrity, creative, unique of our products, the customer will support and continue to support forever.
  • Bring and make distributors/dealers to become successfully of business operating (retail/wholesale) all together within of fun, enjoy, and believe of the quality product. We always sale of product quality is our priority tasks.
  • We a creative, unique of business strategies that can help escalate any kind of dealer/customers.

Our Products:

Orkide Brand:

  • The Hair Orkide Rona Sokleang (Shampoo set):Hair Loss specialists treat hair protection and nurture most effectively: 1. Natural vitamin, 2. Hair loss Control Shampoo, 3. Conditioners and 4. Serum.


  • Orkide Fashion Rona Sokleang:Sell the highest quality and luxury Cambodia traditional dress apparel for medium to high level of price. The company offers wholesale and retail to dealer and customers who want to representative of company sellers without cost and other any expenses. We are very flexible for our customers and dealers that is our special offered.


  • Orkide Rona Sokleang consumers product used. (retail/wholesale)
    • Electronics home use, and furniture imported.
    • Kid toy products.
    • Beauty accessories.

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