THE HAIR ORKIDE ឯកទេសព្យាបាលសរសៃសក់!


Hair Loss! Dandruff! Hair owed!

Who is experiencing these hair problems?

If you are experiencing any of these hair problems

Do not mess with shampoo set The Hair Orkide can help…

The Vitamin Capsules and Suit Detergent THE HAIR ORKIDE, a product of RONA SOKLEANG Cambodia CO., LTD, is manufactured with high standards, registered and certified by the Ministry.

Each set contains natural vitamins, shampoos, creams, shampoos, and serums, and they play different roles.

#1. Natural Vitamin: Made from 100% natural extract, treat hair loss, nurture dandruff, and help hair grow faster.

#2. Shampoo: a high-grade natural shampoo made up to 70% acne-prone scalp, anti-bacterial oil, healing itchy scalp with the wrong hair products.

#3. Conditioner: A high-grade cream that is naturally applied up to 70% deep and fast, deep in the hair follicles, moisturizing, nourishing and nourishing hair. Trying to blow off the ends of the hair, combs the hair very dry.

#4. Serum: A high-grade serum made up of 70% natural and effective hair and skin remedies for repairing damaged hair, damaged ends, dry hair, dry hair, healthy and smooth. Immediately to the hairline.

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